TUUX - Design studio's corporate image by Andres Valencia

TUUX is a Mexican design studio focused on the development and manufacture of sustainable projects with social responsibility. With both national and international recognitions, they are a study which is at the forefront of innovation in interior, museography and furniture design, and as such, collaborate with a diverse number of clients, ranging from government institutions, museums and multinationals to architecture and construction firms, small producers and artists.

Similarly, the people that make up the company come from many different backgrounds. Designers, scientists, carpenters, machine operators, business people and other professionals make up a diverse and multicultural team at TUUX. 



I was approached by them recently to create the images that would be placed in their new website's 'About' section. Due to their recognized position in the design world, the photos had to convey their meticulousness, attention to detail and careful planning on the design front. Moreover, the creative process behind their work had to be clearly visible and recognizable.


For the manufacturing process, technological mastery and wood craftsmanship were to play key roles, ensuring at the same time that health and safety were addressed, taking the necessary precautions when shooting and guaranteeing that the correct safety equipment was used at all times.


They were very adamant on their desire to reflect the 'horizontal' structure of the company, and that the focus of the content had to be on the people who work there. With a team of people with multiple backgrounds, equality and diversity had to play important roles in the photographs.